Fragment Harbour In Autumn

Fragment Harbour In Autumn

David has lived and worked in New Zealand for quite a few years now and has enjoyed every minute of it. He was born in Burnley, England and was creative as an artist from the age of 6. He worked as a Sculptor & Professional artist in London, St.Ives and Christchurch. David has a BA (hons) degree in fine art and a PG (dip) in Fine Art/History of Art.

His paintings are semi abstract in their nature and much of his influences have come from the abstract work that came out of St. Ives post World War 2 and also the American Abstract Impressionists like Rothko and Jackson Pollack. During 2000 to 2010 David taught at Kings College, and the Worcester and Cornwall Art College. Currently as well as producing his prints he is making pottery as a member of the Halswell Pottery Group.

40cm x 29xm

Cream box frame