Tiny Block Keepsakes - Grateful Little Thing

Hauland Imports

Tiny Block Keepsakes - Grateful Little Thing

Tiny Block – BIG message! It’s easy to find a home for our Tiny Block Keepsakes because they just take a smidgen of space. However, their BIG encouraging message will keep peeping out of any little nook you find for it. Beautiful artwork and sweet sentiments should always have a space in our homes! Set a tiny block on your windowsill, near your kitchen sink, on your desk, or on your bathroom vanity --- anywhere you could use a thought to inspire you! You can even tuck one INSIDE your cabinet, so you get a peek at it whenever you grab your favorite mug. They also make great gifts for anyone who could use a little cheering up! Never underestimate the difference one person can make!

  • Real wood with gold foil details
  • Product Size: 7.5CM Dia
  • Material: Wood