Anxietea Ceramic Jar with Tea
Anxietea Ceramic Jar with Tea

Anxietea Ceramic Jar with Tea

Sink into a cushioned bed of calm with the soothing aroma of Anxietea. From a smooth first sip to final drop, you will feel centred by this well-balanced brew. Gentle herbs and spices create fullness and complexity with just a hint of sweet licorice root. Everything is in harmony.

This ceramic jar will look gorgeous on your countertop and is sold with 80g of Anxietea.

May help relieve;





Palpitations, irregular heartbeat

High blood pressure

Digestive issues

Please read below for details on ingredients, brewing instructions and precautions.

ANXIETEA A unique blend of herbal ingredients designed to bring your mind, body and soul back to a state of calm. Anxietea helps to lower your levels of stress hormones so you can centre your thinking.

Ingredients are sourced from small-scale cooperatives all around the world, then blended locally to provide the best possible therapeutic experience.

We’re the only tea company that specialises in mental health in New Zealand and we’re dedicated to creating a community that openly supports good mental well-being. 5% of all Anxietea sales go towards New Zealand Mental Health Foundation..

INGREDIENTS Hypericum: Uplifts and balances mood Licorice root: Fights adrenal exhaustion and soothes upset stomachs Cinnamon: Naturally regulates blood sugar Peppermint: The menthol within peppermint leaves is an effective muscle relaxant Nettle: Contains potassium, magnesium, and iron Raspberry leaf: Rich in B-complex vitamins to help reduce stress Rose petals: Calms the central nervous system to relieve insomnia and anxiousness