Change Box - Rainy Day Fund

Change Box - Rainy Day Fund

This Saving For A Rainy Day box from the Change Box collection is perfect for those of us who like to have a stash of cash on hand for those rainy days. This money box is a great way to save for the unexpected, a safety net just in case or simply as a ‘get out of the house’ fund! Featuring a blue ombre watercolour background and ‘Saving For A Rainy Day’ on the front glass panel, the Saving For A Rainy Day Fund is a unique and humorous gift or a great way to collect and save coins for whatever it is you dream of.


  • Unique money box design
  • ‘Saving For A Rainy Day’ print
  • Clear panel to watch savings grow
  • Four secure latches on the back


Measurements: 18cm x 18cm

Made from: Wood

Colour: White and blue