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Choppers  - Coffee Can

Choppers - Coffee Can

Your bloomsberry Coffee Can may last forever, the sticker on the front may not. Do not worry, this is typical of stickers, they look better and better with age and then one day they simply fall apart completely (kind of like people). If this happens to your Coffee Can, the simple answer is to get a new sticker. If you write to us we will even send you one for free (a new sticker that is). Features: Snap-lock leak resistant tab Separate O-ring compression seal Surgical stainless steel “as used in hospitals” Sit flat base High efficiency Therma-tronTM insulation, keeps drinks hot or cold for quite some time Double wall Multithread screw top lid Made from Stainless Steel DOUBLE WALLED DISHWASHER OK Snap-lock EASY SEAL TAB CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN STICKER KEEPS DRINKS HOT OR COLD VACUUM INSULATED REUSE AND REFILL STRONG AND DURABLE SPILL PROOF