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Crystal Set - Chakra
Crystal Set - Chakra

Crystal Set - Chakra

A collection of crystals to balance your chakras. Lay these crystals out over each Chakra location, meditate with them or gift them to a friend in need.

Your stone will be intuitively chosen per colour of the Chakra and listed on the back of your information card.

Crown - Clear, Light Purple or White

Third Eye - Indigo / Purple

Throat - Blue

Heart - Pink or Green

Solar Plexus - Yellow, Gold or Light Orange

Sacral - Orange or Copper

Root - Red, Black or Grey

Please note that stones will come in either rough or tumbled form that may or may not reflect the size, colour and shape as shown in the images here on the website. Your stones will be intuitively chosen for you upon ordering. Stones are approximately 2-3cm but will vary depending on the other stones in the set.