Disney Trinket Pouch - Piglet

Disney Trinket Pouch - Piglet

When you need to be brave like Piglet, just hold onto this little "Haycorn" trinket. Because one day, it will grow to be a great big oak tree, that is if you haven't eaten it already.


Keep me close on your journey,

Take me with your travels,

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts,

And even humble acorns grow into great oak trees.

I am your secret trinket,

A little "haycorn" reminding you to stand tall and be brave.

Each of the Disney x Short Story Trinkets have been thoughtfully created to inspire daily positive reminders and serve as a lucky charm. These Disney Trinkets come in their own buttoned suede pouch and story card ready to be gifted as a gorgeous keepsake.


- Pouch: 4 H x 5cm L

- Trinket: 2 - 2.5cm W


- Alloy/ enamel paint Keepsake

- Comes with a unique story card (different for each trinket)

- double suede buttoned pouch