Flamingo Phone Wallet

Flamingo Phone Wallet

The Flamingo Phone Wallet is made of soft faux leather. The exterior is printed in dark purple, with pink flamingos strutting among green reeds. Inside, the wallet folds out to reveal an interior of coral pink faux leather, with a single flamingo printed on the first credit card pocket, of which there are four. Two more note pockets are concealed behind the credit card pockets. Opposite this pocket is the coin pocket, coral pink on the outside but emerald green on the inside, with a zipper concealing the silky green interior. Behind the coin pocket is space for a phone, with openings at either end to accommodate headphones and give access. The back of the wallet matches the dark purple front and is printed with the words,

‘A flamboyance of flamingos'.

A very pretty and practical wallet, great for nights out when you don't want to carry a bag, and will appeal to night owls of all ages, from teenagers who can't be parted from their phones to mothers and grandmothers who don't want to lose their mobiles!

Material Faux Leather
Colour Coral, Green, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow
Height (cm) 9
Width (cm) 14
Depth (cm) 3.30