Harakeke - Boxed Tealight Latern

Harakeke - Boxed Tealight Latern

'To “frock” ones tealight is to provide with or dress ones tealight’ 

Tealight frock is made from fire-resistant frosted PVC plastic with coloured print and assembled ready to use.(includes tealight candle) 
Comes in gift box with a natural base and clear acetate cover. 
Tealight lantern measures 65mm diameter x 90mm high. 
Box measures 75 x 75 x 95mm high 

The Harakeke, or Flax as the first European Settlers called it, is the name given to the native New Zealand lily by Maori. It is a symbol of family as the outer leaves represent the extended family members who must protect the inner shoots or children.