Large Wood Grain Oil Diffuser - Dark Wood
Large Wood Grain Oil Diffuser - Dark Wood

Large Wood Grain Oil Diffuser - Dark Wood

These amazing oil diffusers are perfect for the bedroom, baby room, pet room, toilet, office, reception center, SPA, Yoga, etc.

They use Ultrasonic Technology by splitting the water into microscopic particles that spread the water and essential oils into the air. There is no heating of the water, so it is very safe around children and pets. The diffuser creates a fine mist and sends tiny oils particles into the air. The mist contains negative ions which clean the air of dust and pollen, pet odours, mould spores and smoke and can kill bacteria and may reduce certain health problems like colds and coughs, breathing problems, if used with the appropriate aromatherapy oils.

3-in-1 functions: Humidification + aromatherapy + LED light
Wood grain surface, colorful LED light design, caters to the atmosphere
Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation ensures the silent environment
Shut off automatically when there is no water, safe to use
Suitable for use at bedroom, living room, yoga room, SPA shop, fitness room, etc.
Compact portable design, nice shape and unique style


Capacity: 300ML Applicable Area: 31-40 square meters
Working Time: 2-8 hours
Package included:
1 x Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Air Purifier 1 x Power Adapter