Cath Tate Card

Cath Tate Card

Established by Cath Tate in London 35 years ago, Cath Tate Cards were initially found in alternative and radical bookshops. Over the years our cards have found their way into more bookshops, gift shops, large chains and department stores around the country and overseas.

In the late 80's Cath Tate started producing the work of women cartoonists on postcards. Cath decided to produce these womens work because these bright and humorous cartoons werent getting the exposure they deserved. In 1984 'the Alternative Happy Families' card range reflected the emerging range of alternative lifestyles at the time.


In the 1990's Cath pioneered the use of retro images with witty captions. Cath took old knitting pattern images and created the 'Loose Knits' range.

In the noughties the 'Photocaption' range was developed, also using vintage images with witty captions. These cards not only evoke the style of yesteryear but the captions appeal to those with a more quirky and subtle sense of humour, this range remains a firm best seller.Our cards are printed  in the UK (Nottingham) on 100% recycled carbon balanced paper. Our cards are also wrapped in biodegradable plastic, so they don't add to world land-fill.  

With a witty, ethical and political edge, Cath Tate Cards have a distinctive and instantly recognisable humour and style about them.