Magnesium Body Mousse 60ml

Magnesium Body Mousse 60ml

We are often low in magnesium - 80% of adults tested are low! This body butter (creamy mousse consistency) is useful for cramps, sore and tight muscles, plus helpful for relaxing and aiding in a restful sleep.

Rubs in beautifully - an easy way to get your regular magnesium - and leaves skin soft.

Magnesium is vital:

- Used in 300 reactions in the body

- Important for bone health

- Helps keep blood pressure normal

- Promotes restful sleep

- Good for muscle strength

- Needed for vitamin D assimilation

- Aids in weight loss

- Helpful for pregnancy

How To Get Enough Magnesium

Unfortunately, magnesium is often not well absorbed by the digestive track, and is even more difficult to absorb if you are deficient or are low in vitamin D, have poor gut bacteria or suffer from a number of other conditions. On top of that, most foods are depleted of their natural magnesium levels and the water supply is lacking also. For this reason, we use topical magnesium supplementation for our family.

The best way to supplement with magnesium, is by using it on the skin, where it is absorbed more directly to the cells. This is not only the safest way, since the body will only use what is needed, but the most effective.

Unlike internal doses of magnesium, topical magnesium does not have to pass through the digestive system and kidneys and can more quickly enter the blood and tissues of the body.

Ingredients: Magnesium chloride oil, organic raw coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic aloe vera gel, olive wax, arnica oil, horopito and comfrey extracts, natural preservative (benzoin based), lavender essential oil