Te Tui Kowhai Plate 21cm

Te Tui Kowhai Plate 21cm

The Te Tui Kowhai collection is based on an original acrylic, metallic inks, foil, lacquer and wax on hoop pine plywood painting titled Te Tui Kowhai (1000mm x 1000mm x 35mm). There are three pieces of bone china in the Te Tui Kowhai Collection collection. Bone China is a very fine china that is made translucent due to a percentage of bone ash mixed in with the clay. It is an extremely light and beautiful material which allows light to shine. This plate is 12cmx2.3cm.

“the tui looks so sublime and proper, perched erect on the branches of the kowhai. at least that’s how he looked until he tongued the sweet, slightly fermented flowers of the kowhai. this is the ‘before’ shot of what was to come.

"he baits me with his floral breath
intoxicated on the sweet kowhai liqueur
tumbling with his bed fellow on the grassy carpet
the times are good in this summer garden of fun”