The Possibility Of You - Gift Book

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The Possibility Of You - Gift Book

Activities for Reinvention, Inspiration, and Growth !! Whatever age you are—16 or 60—you can always reshape how you define yourself. To honor what has been and tap into what can be. This activity book is an exciting place to imagine, craft, and create what comes next. Inside you’ll find quotes, exercises, and prompts to help you mindfully embrace your past while intentionally building an incredible future. It’s a messy, creative, and even beautiful place of rediscovery.

  • Guiding questions help you imagine a new chapter, from moving to a new home to sending a child off to college to starting a new relationship. Activities invite honest reflection to support you in making positive and lasting changes.
  • An empowering self-care gift for birthdays, graduations, retirements, or tough times
  • Product Size: 128 pages
  • Material: Hardcover