Activity Card Set Up For Anything

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Activity Card Set Up For Anything

A Year of Creative Living Tucked inside this box are 52 creative challenges.

52 ways to surprise yourself. 52 small experiments. They’re here to shake up your day. To remind you that you have more freedom than you think. Because you’re here to have fun. And you never know what might happen when you’re up for anything.

These playful cards include activities like: Change your password to a mantra, a catchphrase, an aspiration—words you’ll feel good about every time you type them. Try on a garment you’d never wear. What hidden parts of you come out when you’re wearing this thing? Choose a song you love and create a dance move that embodies the way it makes you feel. Complete the activities on your own or share them with friends or colleagues as team builders!

Telescoping box with foil stamping and brushstroke artwork.

52 cards, each containing an experiment to break your routine

Product Size: Slipcase: 134mmW x 108mmH x 38mmD Cards: 102mm x 140mm