Ranges Near Wanaka Pre-Matted Mini Print

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Ranges Near Wanaka Pre-Matted Mini Print

35 x 27.5cm (18 x 25.5cm) Pre-Matted Mini Print

Artist's Bio
Maria is an established Dunedin artist capturing the fluidity of the Otago landscape, for the past 30 years. Growing up, she was inspired by  the dramatic dance of colour and light of Otago landforms.

Maria's landscapes capture the stylized patterning of the folds of the hills, the light and shadows and colour emphasis,  interweaving movements, like fabric or tapestry, and the interplay together with the clouds.

She is drawn to the concept of the earth stretched out like fabric and we being formed and forged together as part of the Craftsman’s omnipotent design on the unseen loom.