Vee - Solid Cologne


Vee - Solid Cologne

Vee takes a broad inspiration from Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio. It is a boldly pleasant aquatic aroma with an opening of citrus and lemon myrtle. The icy freshness warms to a rich aromatic musk base note. A sophisticated scent.

We believe this is a good partner to the Vee Deodorant with it's freshness and top notes of citrus.

Scent Family: Fresh - Aromatic Aquatic Scent

Why Solid Cologne?

  • Travel friendly.
  • Reapply throughout the day completely unnoticed.
  • Longer lasting than Liquid Cologne.
  • The Solid Cologne Tin is not going to smash if you throw your gym bag around.
  • It does not leak or melt ( unless left in a hot car for hours...)
  • Costs a fraction of the cost of Liquid Cologne.
  • It does not contain any alcohol which can cause irritation to skin
  • Made in New Zealand

The cologne tin comes presented in a book style box, perfect for gifting. The tin is opened with a sliding motion. Totally addictive to slide open and closed......

To Apply:

Rub the wax to soften before applying to behind ears, wrists, or wherever you wish! Easy.