Wanderflower Clay Face Mask Kit 50ml
Wanderflower Clay Face Mask Kit 50ml

Haka New Zealand Limited

Wanderflower Clay Face Mask Kit 50ml

Wanderflower Kaolin & Charcoal Clay Face Mask 3 Piece Kit Bring DIY to your skincare ritual with this purifying do it yourself Clay Face Mask Kit from Wanderflower.

CONTAINING: Kaolin and charcoal Clay Powder 80g, Bespoke designed Ceramic Bowl, Brush Applicator

HOW TO USE: Mix the powder with water in the ceramic bowl and smooth the mask over your face, inhaling the earthy scent as it dries. Leave for 15-20 minutes or until completely dried and then rinse with fresh lukewarm water. Soon, your face will glow: cleansed, purified, and cared for.  

There's enough for approximately 10 treatments, so once you've used up all the powder mix, keep the bowl and brush to use with other powder mixes or as a lovely bathroom accessory, jewellery bowl or tea bag holder. 

The carefully considered formula contains no parabens, is vegan friendly and cruelty-free.